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    The Development of Cashew was first introduced in the early 50’s and was hand in glove with the Research and Development of the ICAR looked after by Indian Cashew nut and Spices Committee till the beginning of 3rd plan period. Cashew Development was taking place from the beginning through adhoc schemes sanctioned by the erstwhile Indian Cashewnut and Spices Committee. In the post independent era from the beginning of 3rd Plan, no central agency was there to devote an individual attention for the development of cashew in India. The Directorate of Cashewnut Development established in 1966 as a primary field functionary under the Union Ministry of Agriculture gave a greater impetus for the development of cashew in a more scientifically oriented manner. This marked the first step towards the integration and co-ordination of Cashew Development in association with developmental agencies of States and Research Institutes. Now cashew development and research go hand in hand conceiving whatever technological advancements taken place in the research front becoming an integral part of the developmental efforts. The Directorate of Cashew nut Development which was handling only cashew got the mandate for development of cocoa in 1997. Though cashew and cocoa enjoys different parameters, both are cash crops of high economic importance and in 1997-98 the Directorate of Cashew nut and Cocoa Development started driving both the crops on similar tracks.

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