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    What are the climatic conditions required for growing Cocoa Cocoa grows well in regions where temperature ranges from 18-320C.
    In which type of soil will cocoa grows It grows in wide range of soils, but deeper and richer soils are more favourable for its growth and production.
    How cocoa plants are propagatedCocoa can be propagated by seed and vegetative means.
    How seedlings are propagated Collect seeds from biclonal or poly-clonal seed gardens and sow during December- January so that 4-6 month age old seedling become available for planting by May-June.
    Where will get these seed and seedlings of cocoa Polyclonal and biclonal seed gardens have been established at CPCRI, Vittal and Kerala Agricultural University, Vellanikara and seeds and seedlings are being supplied to the growers.
    What are the varieties recommended for cocoa planting KAU,Vellanikara
    M 16.9(CCRP1) M 13.12(CCRP 2)
    GI 5.9 (CCRP 3)
    GII 19.5(CCRP 4)
    GIV 18.5 (CCRP5)
    G VI 55(CCRP 6)
    GVI 56 (CCRP 7)

    NC 42/94
    What is the site required for planting cocoa Cocoa is usually planted under coconut and arecanut plantations in India where more light will let in through the canopy.
    What is the spacing for planting cocoa In coconut gardens, the effective spacing of cocoa plants would be 3m x 7.5 m accommodating 614 plants per ha.
    In arecanut gardens the spacing may be 5.4m x 2.7m and the population would be 689 plants per ha.
    What is the season for planting cocoa Cocoa seedling or budded plants can be planted at any time of the year provided soil moisture conditions are favourable. The best time for planting is by the onset of pre-monsoon showers in May-June.
    What is the method of planting Planting is done in pits of 50cm cube and filling with a mixture of surface soil and organic manures.


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