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    The Cashew & Cocoa Journal
    (Quarterly Journal)

    Inland - Rs.250/- (Annual Subs.)
    Rs.65/- (Single copy)
    Foreign - USD 19 (Annual Subs.)
    USD 5 (Single copy)

    Good Agricultural Practices
    in Cashew

    Inland - Rs.35/- (Rs.19 Postage will be extra)
    Foreign - USD 3

    Edited by

    Dr. Gorakh Singh,
    Horticulture Commissioner

    Director, DCCD

    R. Jnanadevan
    Deputy Director(Marketing)

    The publication explains good agricultural Practices for cashew viz. chose of High Yielding varieties, eco-friendly production technologies and is useful reference book to farmers, extension workers and planters.

    Indian Cashew
    Issues and Strategies

    Inland - Rs.100/- (Rs.19 Postage will be extra)
    Foreign - USD 7

    Edited by

    Dr. H. P. Singh,
    Horticulture Commissioner

    Shri. P. P. Balasubramanian (Retd.)
    Director (DCCD)


    Was released by
    Shri. R.C.A Jain, Secretary (A&C)

    On 31.10.03 at New Delhi during the meeting of Technology Mission for North Eastern States.

    The book contains proceeding of 5th National seminar on Indian Cashew held at Visakhapatnam during 12-13 April, 2002.


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