Front Line Technology Demonstration


    The main objective of Front-Line Demonstrations is to demonstrate newly released crop production and protection technologies and its management practices in the farmers’ field under different agro-climatic regions and farming situations. The programme is implemented through ICAR institutes/SAU’s/KVK etc.

    The scheme is implemented on project basis. The detailed project report indicating name of research institute involved, nature of technology propose to demonstrate, its location, break up of cost etc. should be submitted by the implementing agency. Each demonstration should not exceed 1ha and rate of financial assistance will be at 75% and 100% respectively in the farmers field and Govt. farms towards the cost of the project for conducting the demonstrations. The maximum assistance will not exceed Rs.25.00 lakhs per project. The financial assistance will be released based on the schedule of activities envisaged in the project.

    The demonstration should be concluded with a detailed report written in simple and easily understandable language. The report should have supporting data and photographs of demonstration to convince the readers. Such report becomes the important learning materials for the farming community.

    Criteria for choose of technologies, farmers and site for demonstrations

    • Choose only proven technologies which have higher potentialities in terms of yield, disease resistance, quality, and can fit in the existing farming systems and situations of the area/farmers.
    • Avoid isolated farm. The demonstration units may be established in cluster basis such a way that the size of each unit will not exceed 1 ha.
    • Demonstration site should be easily accessible for the farmers and extension workers. As far as possible, cluster of demonstration site should have a good number of farmers of all categories of land holding and status.
    • A group of farmers land holdings in the chose demonstration block and who are willing to cooperate in the conduct of demonstration should be chose by holding a meeting in the village where the purpose of demonstration should be clearly stated and suggestion sought from the farmers.

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