Production forecast for Cashew


    This programme is intended to take up intensive publicity measures for promotion of cashew and Cocoa by dissemination of latest productive technologies to the farming community and other target groups coming under the fold of cultivation, processing, marketing and export by organizing District level seminar, state level seminar, fairs on cashew and cocoa in various states and also national and international seminar/conference. The programmes will be organized by the DCCD through the Research Institutes, SAU’s, KVK’s, state development departments, Registered Societies, Farmers Association, NGO etc. except national and international seminar which DCCD will organize in association with the hosting state development department. The Cashew and Cocoa farmers, extension workers, officials, manufacturers and any other agencies directly involved with development of cashew / cocoa will be considered for participating in these events. District level seminar, horticulture fair and state level seminar will be for 1 day. In order to organize district level seminar for 150 participants, an amount of Rs.50,000 will be provided. Field days and any other campaign will be conducted in the Cashew & Cocoa growing states on need basis. In addition to the above, provision has been earmarked for conducting training to field level workers and farmers at this Directorate

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