Citizen Charter


    This Citizen  charter is based on the well know principle that in a democratic system of governance the citizen is the king and Government Organizations exist not to administer, but to serve the citizens. The Directorate has identified some of the core services being offered and fixed standards for its effective delivery.


    The vision with which the Directorate is functioning is to enhance production and productivity of Cashew and Cocoa to ensure food security of the country by making cashew and cocoa farming a sustainable and viable vocation and to retain the prime position of India in the International cashew trade and commerce.


    To achieve targeted growth rate for Cashew and Cocoa sector by the amicable involvement and active participation of all the stake holders with a view to enhance the production of cashew and cocoa and for improving income levels of farmers and to make the country self sustainable through various schemes, programmes and initiatives.


    • Integrity and honesty
    • Transparency and accountability
    • Fairness and equity
    • Discipline and courtesy
    • Trustworthiness and reliability
    • Initiatives and innovations


    In our dealings with the farmers, entrepreneurs, Govt. departments/organisation and public in general, we are committed to our values.  All the services and commitments will be honoured, without the service recipients/stake holders having to pay any kind of gratification.

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